Transforming Your House Into A Home

April 4, 2018

From House to Home

It’s picture perfect! Your new coffee table set arrives and they are as beautiful as the photo, but now what? From the ad to your living room, easily create a look that’s all your own by picking the perfect décor to top of your new additions.

Customizing a look to match your style and preferences is easy and fun, considering there’s more shopping involved! Have fun strolling around your favorite store picking out scented candles, faux plants, picture frames or even miniature statues. Keep in mind a color scheme or a decorative theme you’d like to follow.

House to Home - Candles

Candles are a classic add-on, and with so many shapes, sizes and scents, it’s a no-fail option. A great accent piece, candles can be arranged to draw focus to a family photo or maybe your favorite sculpture. A vase, whether empty or filled with a fresh bouquet, also adds a romantic yet homely touch. Go easy on table top décor; 3 to 4 pieces is perfect.

Although a decorated table top is easily appealing, be careful not to overdo it with your décor – a cluttered table top is a no-no. Consider your family’s needs, such as low shelves that can house your dog’s play toys within an easy reach area while keeping the floor neat. For your studious child, fill storage drawers with discreetly placed supplies while coasters are in plain sight for guests.

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