Our Top 3 Vacation Destinations

January 8, 2018

Top Family-Friendly Destinations

Apart from the usual travel destinations, what’s the best way to take the family out without breaking the budget? These are our top spots to take the little ones!

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has been the go-to destination for family adventures throughout the years and shows no signs of dropping off the radar. For the family that loves the outdoors, camping is the way to go. Did the camping suggestion elicit a few eye rolls? No worries, they also have lodgings available! Luckily, their site has been updated to include a list of the fun activities both adults and youngsters can do while visiting. And even if you or your little ones are new to the outdoor experience, getting some fresh air and taking time away from electronics will do everyone a whole lotta good.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you’re on the east coast and just need a quick getaway, we recommend the well-known hub of Myrtle Beach. Golf courses for dad, beachfront shops for mom and the can’t-miss Family Kingdom Amusement Park for youngsters; this local treasure cove is an all-encompassing destination for the family.

The National Cherry Festival
@ Traverse City, MI

A gem for the avid sports or fishing fan, the National Cherry Festival hits Traverse City smack dab in the summertime. Various neighboring cities and states make the drive to catch the U.S. Navy Air Show, any of the three parades and various competitions. If your summer vacation is looking a little light, see if your family can make a quick road trip to this fun and scenic event!

Check out each destination's site below:

Yellowstone National Park

Myrtle Beach, SC

Traverse City, MI